Sheepdog Training Tutorials (Volume 1)


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Sheepdog Training Tutorials (Volume 1) – 2 DVDs

Three hours of tutorials – from Starting a Puppy through to Driving and Shedding.

This great 2xDVD set contains the first 17 sheepdog training tutorials that originally appeared as part of the online tutorial Programm on the Working Sheepdog Website. It covers the topics that most handlers have questions about – from your pup’s very first introduction to sheep, through outruns, close work and giving the sheep space, right up to more advanced work including driving and basic shedding.

Using video, superb graphics and slow motion where necessary, each chapter describes more clearly and in more detail just what is happening, how to correct faults, and how to improve the trainee sheepdog’s performance. Pro sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless not only guides you through the current topic but points out other important events and factors that are happening along the way.

The seventeen tutorials have all been lightly re-edited to ensure they run smoothly either as individual chapters or as a continuous programme. There are close-ups, slow motion and freeze frames to enable Andy to explain exactly what’s happening and how to correct the dog’s faults. The credits for each chapter have been removed and appear at the end of disk two.

Disk 1 Chapters

Disk one covers general issues of sheep work and how to get some control of your dog.

  • First things first – revealed at last! The Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training!
  • The Training Stick – how it can solve some common training problems.
  • Starting a Young Puppy – 2 chapters – how to build confidence, right from the start.
  • Starting a Strong Dog – A strong dog can be difficult to train, but it’s well worth the effort.
  • Give the Sheep Space – It’s essential to keep the dog back off the sheep.
  • Sticky Dogs! – how to cure what’s commonly known as “eye”.
  • Calm but Firm – working with a sensitive but aggressive sheepdog.
Disk 2 Chapters

Disk two shows how to move on from the basics and teach the dog to do practical work around the farm.

  • The Outrun – 2 chapters – get the outrun right and the rest should follow.
  • Close Work – 2 chapters – teach your dog to help with sheep management.
  • Driving – 3 chapters – how to put the sheep anywhere you want them.
  • Shedding – more advanced work for sorting sheep out in the field.

There’s also a chapter on the Sheepdog Whistle – the definitive guide to blowing the sheepdog whistle. This chapter has been lifted (and re-edited) from the “First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training” DVD

Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 1 isn’t intended to be a comprehensive sheepdog training programme. The earlier, and immensely popular DVD “First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training” , covers all the basics a new handler needs to get started with a young dog, and shows how to progress into using the dog for simple tasks around the farm and smallholding.


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