Border Collie Sheepdogs and Friends


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Neue Abenteuer von der Kings Green Farm!

The collies at Kings Green Farm have been joined by Alfie the Chihuahua, Chester the Papillon, Lily the Great Dane and Eris the lurcher – not to mention Red, the Kelpie who bounced into their lives as a puppy and generally shook things up!

“Still Off Duty” is much more than just an hour’s romp with these beautiful dogs as they grow, play and learn together in the glorious Worcestershire countryside

Five chapters of stunning photography are backed by a stirring soundtrack, featuring over a dozen exciting music tracks that draw you right into the dogs’ world, as they relax and entertain themselves (and you).

A special chapter dedicated to dog behaviour introduces some aspects of group behaviour that a pet owner, with only one or two dogs, rarely has the chance to see, and for anyone who’s ever wondered how sheepdogs are trained, the “On Duty!” chapter explains just how these amazing dogs learn their trade.

Anyone who loves dogs – and especially Border collies – will love this latest DVD from the team at Kings Green Farm.

60Min. All Regions


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