Sheepdog Training Tutorials (Volume 2)


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Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 2 – 2 DVDs

Over 3 HOURS of essential sheepdog training tutorials

From gaining steady control of the sheep and moving them out of the training ring, to working in pens and preparing for sheepdog trials.

Second in our series of 2xDVD compilations of sheepdog training tutorials from the online tutorial programme on the Working Sheepdog Website. Volume Two covers a variety of training challenges, from improving control and steadying the young sheepdog’s work, through pen and yard work, to preparation for sheepdog trials.

Using a mix of video, original graphics, and slow motion to demonstrate the action more clearly and in more detail than ever before, the online tutorials don’t simply show you a better way to train. Andy’s training methods work with the dog and its natural hunting instinct; but every dog (and, for that matter, every handler) is different, so we also explain how and why the training techniques work.

Working with sheep is a potentially stressful situation for a young or inexperienced dog, so by understanding how the dog feels about hunting (herding), about the prey (sheep), about its own vulnerability and about leadership (that’s you) the handler is in the best position to understand why things are going wrong, and how to correct or prevent it.

We explain what’s happening and why, how to improve the sheepdog’s performance, and, because training won’t always go to plan, you’ll also see things going wrong. We show common mistakes (by both handler and dog) and how to make the best of any situation, even to turn an apparently chaotic disaster to your advantage.

Sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless not only guides you through the central topic, but points out other important events and factors that arise along the way.

You’ll face new challenges with every dog you train, so arm yourself with this latest collection of easy to follow, entertaining and informative Sheepdog Training Tutorials.

Disk 1 Chapters

Disk one helps you organise your training programme, and develop your dog’s sheep handling skills.

  • What Comes Next? – There’s so much for the dog to learn, but what to teach, and when? And does the order matter anyway?
  • Backwards Is The Way Forward – It looks simple, but this invaluable training technique will teach and reinforce flanks, stop and sheep control.
  • How Often, and for How Long? – How long IS a training session? And how do you decide it’s time to stop?
  • Educating Gloria – Gloria’s a young and determined dog in the early stages of training. This unabridged session shows teaching the basic moves and developing control.
  • Circle on Command – 2 chapters – It’s essential to be able to put your dog exactly where you need it. Two tutorials show how to teach this invaluable skill: inside the training ring, and out in the open field.
  • Training Shorts – Six short tutorials covering some essential basics: Building the Dog’s Confidence; Learn Your Commands; “My Dog’s No Good”; Puppy Training Essentials; Stopping the Dog; and including the important Teaching the Whistle Commands.
Disk 2 Chapters

Disk two shows how to move on from the basics towards more practical farm work, and tempts you to take the first step to sheepdog trialling.

  • Coming Out – Working in the training ring can be restricting, and boring, for both dog and handler. Learn how to move out into the open field, and how to move back in again.
  • Eve at the Pen – Little Eve isn’t the most skilled of sheepdogs, but she’s keen to help if she can. This is Eve’s unedited penning training session; she’s not always slick, but she’s learning fast.
  • Introducing Sheepdog Trials – 2 chapters – A two-part explanation of what happens at a sheepdog trial, and to prepare you for your first competition. Also invaluable for the armchair triallers amongst us to understand the how, when, what and why of trials judging.

Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 2 isn’t intended to be a comprehensive sheepdog training programme, but builds on and complements Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 1. The earlier, and immensely popular DVD, “”First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training””, covers all the basics a new handler needs to get started with a young dog, and shows how to progress into using the dog for simple tasks around the farm and smallholding.


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